Davide Bianca


After receiving his B.S. in Nutrition, Davide then completed certifications in both massage therapy and personal training. After years of hands-on experience in corporate settings for both massage therapy and personal training, Davide turned his passion for helping others into a business. Successfully building his own private practice in the heart of Philadelphia, Davide has helped countless clients reach their health and wellness goals with proven strategies to change their lifestyles.

Professional Experience

10+ Years Health and Nutrition Expert

8+ Years Personal Training Experience

6+ Years Massage Therapy Experience

  • Working with Davide every week was one of the most positive changes I’ve ever made in my life. He helped me reach results I always dreamed of obtaining for my physique and overall health. Nicholas J.
  • Honestly what are you waiting for? Best trainer in the Philly area!! Davide is so motivating & patient. He is very fun & non-judgmental, he makes you feel very comfortable like you can do anything!! Eric M.
  • Sincerely one of the best trainers I have ever used. Motivational, informed, organized, genuinely interested in your goals. Highly recommend! Chris S.
  • I wish more professionals took the time to really listen & care for their clients as Davide does. Highly recommended! James