Donna Smith
Donna Smith - Forza Philly

Personal Trainer

Donna Smith brings a unique experience to the fitness world having trained in music for over 24 years. With her background as a professional opera singer and voice teacher, Donna’s history of discipline, self motivation, and technical proficiency have easily transferred over into the fitness realm.

Through her own struggles after weight gain several years ago, she completely transformed her life at the age of 40 and found a new passion for helping and motivating others to get fit and develop a healthy lifestyle while having fun!

With a background in gymnastics, swimming, TRX, kickboxing, plyometrics, kettle bells and weight training, Donna brings a diverse style to her personal training sessions and group classes for all fitness levels and ages.

Dedicated to continuous education of the latest techniques and trends in the fitness industry, she keeps her clients steadily seeing results, having fun, and feeling great! Donna currently is certified in Athletic Nutrition Coaching, Ballet Barre, and Aquatic Group Exercise. She’s excited to be adding two certifications in TRX and Kettlebells and begin offering Bootcamp classes soon.

Donna’s passion and joy is helping those who are ready to start living a more vibrant life. Whether it is a total body transformation, small weight loss, muscle gain, or gentle recovery from an injury, she is prepared and ready to help anyone achieve their health and wellness goals!

Strength Training

Weight Loss

TRX Certified Training

Kettlebell Training

Group Fitness Instructor